St. Valentine’s Day

After a leisurely and romantic breakfast, we drove to Guy’s sister Yvette’s home about  105km from Sydney. We left late morning in light traffic. Guy is much more comfortable driving now. We stopped on the way in Wyong for a car wash and to stock up on wine. Then off to Warnervale for lunch at Warnie’s Café, a rail station/diner with great food.

We had a wonderful visit and dinner with Yvette, Wendy (niece) and Murray (brother in law). Yvette is into cooking as much or more than Guy, which says a lot, and the rack of lamb sous-vide was exquisite.


The next morning

Yvette prepared a sumptuous breakfast after which we hit the road back to Sydney. Traffic was light again. Guy only got us lost once, when he got confused at to which was his left vs right.