March 1st, Canberra or Bust

After a great breakfast at our Motel, we headed out toward Canberra. We took our time arriving around 4:00pm and pick up a key to Guy’s niece Heather’s home in Ainslie ACT from her friend Lisa. After resting a bit we headed out to a local pub Edgar’s Inn where we enjoyed a round or two of some local IPA and hearty diner.


March 2nd, Canberra Heather Style

The next day Heather gave us a tour of Canberra. We went to the National Art Gallery, ate lunch at her favorite Sushi restaurant, did some shopping and Guy picked up vittles that he planned to prepare for supper.

Following dinner, we spent the evening chatting and enjoying some of the wines we had acquired on our road trip. We kind of forgot about the time and hit the sac well after our bed-time.


March 3rd, Back to Balmain East

After a lazy morning  we bade farewell to Heather and motored back to Sydney where we spent a quiet evening unwinding.