At the suggestion of our house swapping partners, Pauline and I  each got a sim card from Aldi Mobile.  Aldi is a supermarket chain out Germany, with locations around the world, but unfortunately not in Canada.

For $25 AUD ($22.5 CAD) a month (no contract) we each got:

  • 18 gb data
  • Unlimited Standard calls, SMS and MMS
  • Unlimited international calls and SMS to 15 countries ( including Canada,USA and New Zealand)
  • 100 minutes of calls to 35 other countries
  • 50 SMS to 35 other countries

Click here for details!

So, for the two of use it works out to $45/month which is half of what we pay for considerably less data (2 gb ) and international nothing.

I knew that we have higher rates in Canada than anywhere else in the developed world, but I was not aware of the extent by which we are being hosed!

Lets all write the CRTC, our MP, the Minister responsible and our Prime Minister to complain about usurious rates that Canadian telcos are charging us as compared to those in countries like Australia. It might not change a thing, but at least we tried.

Click here to contact the CRTC

Contact Your MP

Contact Pablo Rodríguez, Minister of Canadian Heritage

Contact Justin Trudeau