Rain and more rain

We did not want to develop cabin fever, so we decided to go see a movie, Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears. We loved the series on Netflix so we were delighted to hear that they just released the movie.

We took our favorite bus, the 442 to the QVB, did some shopping and had lunch at the Scary Canary. We braved the rain and walked to the theater, only to discover that Guy had left his glasses at the restaurant. We called! They had them. Guy hoofed it back to the restaurant and recovered his glasses. He hoofed it back to be in time to watch 20 minutes of commercials with 3 other people who had decided to give the corona virus the finger.

Just as the actual movie started, the screen went blank and we could hear a faint siren. We left the theatre to discover that we were being evacuated. We waited outside for 10 minutes or so, then we were invited back into the theater. The movie restarted. It may not get an Oscar, but it was enjoyable none the less and almost as exciting as the evacuation.