Monday Blues

Finally, a day of rest. We stayed home, read the newspaper, ate leftovers and watched Netflix.

Tuesday Watson’s Bay

One of the things on our bucket list was to take the ferry to Watson’s Bay. So after a very lazy breakfast  we headed down to the Balmain East Warf and caught the F4 which terminated at Watson’s Bay.

We walked through the town and up to the South Point which overlooks the gap towards the North Point. A great place to protect Sydney’s bay, hence the fortifications.

We had a nice lunch on the wharf at Doyle’s and headed home to see about changing out flights. Over breakfast we heard that a Doctor had recommended quarantining Sydney for 2 weeks. Over lunch we received an email from Westjet saying that they are waiving change fees. It turned out that they were only waving them for those who booked after March 3rd. Makes for nice marketing copy but not very costly since very few people would have booked in the middle of the corona virous outbreak, and certainly did not help us. The change fee was $247 each.  Anyway we bit the bullet and are heading home on the 12th. See you then!