TimerToPage displays a countdown timer which transfer to specified url when 0 is reached.

Usage: [ TimerToPage seconds=nn to=’text’ page=’url’ now=1|0 css=’css’ display=’text’ counter=’text’]

Example: [ TimerToPage to=’New site’ page=’http://www.mydomain.com’ ]


seconds={number of seconds before transfer | default 20}
to={description of destination | default}
page={ url to transfer to | required}
now={ 1 Display transfer Now (default) | 0 Do Not display transfer now!}
css={ style of display div | default| “display:inline-block;color:red;font-weigth:bold;font-size:large;height:100px;width:60%;vertical-align:middle;padding:20px;background-color:white;border:3px solid red;
display={name of div displaying countdown | default gmCountdown}
counter={ javascript counter variable name | default gmCounter}

Note: function gmTimerToPage( $seconds, $page,$to,$now,$css,$display,$counter )
can be used to return the counter in your own php extensions.

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