We decided to take Steve and Suzanne to the QVB for some window shopping and lunch. After lunch Pauline and Suzanne went on a trek to find Pauline a purse. Left to their own devices the boys headed towards their eventual meeting place.

Guy was awe struck by a jacket hanging in the window of Tommy Bahama shop. The jacket would have been perfect for Don Cherry or Elton John. Once inside he found exactly what he had been looking for, a white bow tie. When he asked the sale person for the price, he thought he heard her say $40.50 to which he said “great, this is exachetly what I have been looking for”.

At this point Steve thought Guy was a little crazy. As the clerk was wrapping up the tie, she said, since this is over $300.00 I can give you the paperwork for you to claim the VAT. Excuse me, how much did you say this was, $450.00. Guy uttered Oops my mistake. Steve felt less inclined to drop Guy off at a hospital ward, when Guy declined to go through with the purchase.

The boys met up with the girls again and decided to go see Bombshell playing at a theatre down the street. Great flick, Worth seeing. After the movie we all headed home for the final packing for the next 3 weeks on the go to  and in  New Zealand. In Guy’s true culinary form, the dinner was a simple veal schnitzel with potatoe latke and asparagus with of course some fabulous Australian wines. Just stretching our tummies for the cruise meals. No one was complaining.