Melbourne Day 2

Melbourne is a beautiful city. It is very easy to get around by public transport. We took a tram, a block from our flat, that took us down St. Kilda to the heart of the city center. We rode the free tram around the city center hopping off near the Queen Victoria Market. One of the stalls had two manikins dressed as children looming with interest at the owner. We eventually made our way to the market’s food court where we had lunch. We walked back to the tram and continued our trek around the city core. Once back to where we started, we took a tram back up St. Kilda stopping off at the National Gallery of Victoria.

We really enjoyed the Gallery’s presentation of Rei Kawakuba’s Comme Les Garcon designs. As we left the Gallery we were greeted by a torrential downpour. The rain stopped a suddenly as it started. WE dined in our flat and spent the rest of the evening enjoying the sites and sounds from our balcony, which also provided us front row seats to an exiting game of bowls and a view of the sunset.