Monday was movie night. We decided to see The Good Liar at the Palace Norton Street in Leichhardt.
We also decided to make an evening of it and explore the area.
As we mentioned earlier Joe and Billie Jean had given us a tour of their neighbourhood and had also pointed out an Italian restaurant, Moretti, which they often frequented.
The bus took about 40 Minutes from our home to Leichhardt. We explored a bit then we got a table on the terrace of the Creek and Cella wine bar where settle for an excellent Aperol Spritz.
We got our tickets to the movie and headed to Moretti. We were lucky to get a table as the place has hopping. We’ll be sure to make reservations the next time. Oh! there will be a next time, the food was fantastic and the service could not have been better. The wine selection was equal to the food.
It was a treat to order and have a nice glass of Malbec while watching the movie, very civilized these Aussies.  The Good Liar has an excellent cast and intriguing story. However it may be too un-Hollywood to get an Oscar nomination. In any case we enjoyed it.
All and all a good day!

Pauline perfecting the Waiting for the Bus Pole Dance

The must be Italian! they don’t put garlic in their sauce!

Australia’s humidity is playing with Guy’s hair