Sunday: Brunch

We were invited to Billie Jean and Joe’s for brunch. We decided to bus it since it was likely that we would have a bit of wine.Unbeknownst to us, NSW Transport had changed the bus schedule, so our connections were a bit off. We had a great visit with the Scopa’s and their friends: great food, wine and discussion and company!

The universe has a way of balancing things, our trip back was magical, bus appeared when needed, connections instantaneous.

Once home, we got in touch with friends from Silver Star, Chris & Deb, who had to come back to deal with flooding of their home on the edge of the Blue Mountains. We will be visiting them later this week.

Monday: Blues

Went for a walk exploring the foreshore before breakfast trying to work off the extra pounds we picked up on the cruise.

Spent the rest of the day computing (Guy), planning our next road adventure (Pauline) and listening to BB King.