Cruise Day 3: Melbourne

We started the day getting our 10k steps in on the jogging lap on deck 13. Ok! not all 10k in before breakast, but got a head start on them. Well at least Pauline did. Guy had to do some stretching, so he got in a little less then Pauline.

We had a great breakfast and headed to to the library for a read. The ship docked in Melbourne around 11:00am. We arranged to meet Steve and Suzanne on shore at 12:30pm where we met up with  Steve’s daughter Trisha.

Trisha drove us to Ricketts Point where we enjoyed a lunch by the sea side. Then off to explore Elwood, Trisha’s neighbourhood, were  for some window shopping and a gelato. As Guy often says a day without a gelato, is a day worth zero.

Trisha then drove us back to the ship in time for cocktail hour.  Life can be rough when your at sea!