ATR Wines

We only had two things on our agenda today:

  • Do a load of laundry
  • Visit Barb Cummings’ son-in-law’s winery

and managed to accomblish both:)

ART Wines was an amazing experience. We got to taste some of the best wines so far on our journey. We even managed to taste his Durif, which was out of stock but lucky for us Michelle, who runs the Cellar Door, found a few bottles of 2012 Hard Hill Road Durif that Adam had hidden away. Michelle led us though the tasting while Adam was busily preparing for the next batch of fruit to be pressed in a day of two. He did found time to have us sample his freshly crushed Pinot Gris juice, which holds a lot of promise. His Pinot Gris was sold out a while ago, so there are lot of customers looking forward to this next release.

Guy was particularly impressed with Adam’s 2018 Hard Hill Road The Writer’s Block Riesling which had a hint of petrol notes on the nose, nice minerality and wonderful mouth feel and  the 2017-Hard-Hill-Road-Mule-Variation, an very intriguing blend of Nebbiolo, Tannat, Durif, and Shiraz. The Durif, was out of this world, definitely destined for our cellar.

If you’re lucky enough to come to or live in  Australia, go to their website and order some wines. You won’t be disappointed.