January 9th

Guy made a Canadian breakfast of Bacon, Pancakes, Strawberries and Maple Syrup for our niece Heather and her friend Lisa. We then headed off to visit Guy’s sister Topsy (Yvette), husband Murray and niece Wendy who live in a small town in the Central Coast.

Guy drove the 111km without incident, while Pauline complained for 111km about his being to close to left hand curb.

We had a wonderful visit and got caught  up with each other  on recent events and life in general.

We also had great meals, Topsy, like Guy, inherited their joy and skill of cooking from their mother, the original Yvette.

January 10th

After a great breakfast, we drove to Wyong to visit a few Kitchen shops. (Topsy and Guy had to get their fix).

We headed back to Balmain East, again without incident. Guy still needed to work on where the left-hand side of the car is in relation to where he is. Being a mathematician and for the sake of Bill’s Mercedes’ Mirrors, it should not take too long for him to work that out.