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Guy’s Scratch Chillie Con Carne

I love to make my Chilli Con Carne from scratch. That means I make my own chilli powder, dried beans and frank steak not ground beef. Chillie Powder Ingredients 2 Tbsp. Sweet Paprika 1 Tbsp. oregano 1 tsp. Cayenne 1 tsp. Cumin...

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PIzza Matinna

Last night I had a dream about breakfast. I woke up with a start and made a note on my phone I case my inspiration be vaporized in the morning sun. Pizza Matinna. I google the term, it appears that there is a pizzeria going by...

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Guy’s Last Supper

I had a weird fall a week ago. It took a while, but I finally got x-rayed today to discover that beyond a torn ligament or two, I also fractured my fibula, just above my ankle. Since hopping around on one foot impeded me from...

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Zuccchini Bread

This might come as a complete shock to you but I have no recollection of ever making zucchini bread. I did have a neighbour or two that tried to unload their excess zucchinis on me. This seems to be a common problem as it grows...

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COVID-19 Isolation

I love to cook. I’m running out of things to do, so I decided to put up a new recipe every day which Pauline has graciously accepted to taste test. Enjoy!