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March 12th – 14th

Going Home We started our journey back on March 12th. Our flight was cancelled and we overnighted, courtesy of Quantas, at the Ridges Hotel at the Sydney airport. The next morning, Friday the 13th, we got up at 6:00am, had...

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March 11th

Anniversary Our plan was to celebrate Yvette and Murray’s wedding anniversary on March 12th by going to their home and cooking them a special dinner. We had bought some pretty special wines for the event and Guy had been working...

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March 9th-10th

Monday Blues Finally, a day of rest. We stayed home, read the newspaper, ate leftovers and watched Netflix. Tuesday Watson’s Bay One of the things on our bucket list was to take the ferry to Watson’s Bay. So after a very lazy...

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March 7th & 8th

Heather Our niece Heather arrived just after breakfast. She was kind enough to come to Sydney to bring us a few things that we left behind at hew home in Canberra. We decided to go shopping together and lunch in a café, Casual...

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March 6th

Leichhardt We had a quiet day at home, did some laundry, Pauline got her hair cut. Then off to dinner with Billie Jean and Joe to one of their regular haunts, Il Cugino, a great family run restaurant that will cook you up ...

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March 5th

Rain and more rain We did not want to develop cabin fever, so we decided to go see a movie, Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears. We loved the series on Netflix so we were delighted to hear that they just released the movie. We...

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March 4th

Balmain East It’s nice to be back home, well at least in our Balmain East flat. The road trip was wonderful but as we are getting closer to our return back to the Okanagan we have started to get home sick. Given the rainy day,...

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March 1st-3rd

March 1st, Canberra or Bust After a great breakfast at our Motel, we headed out toward Canberra. We took our time arriving around 4:00pm and pick up a key to Guy’s niece Heather’s home in Ainslie ACT from her friend Lisa....

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February 29th

 Chiltern, Vic Since February 29th  is that magical day when only the perpetually young are born, we decided to make it a travel day with no real agenda other than to make some way towards Canberra. Guy wanted to drive all the...

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February 21st (OOPS! Forgot to Post)

Blue Mountains We spent the better part of the day touring the Blue Mountains with Chris, Deb & Briar Rose. We stopped for coffee at the Carrington Hotel, lunched at the Ambermere Inn, saw the devastation brough upon by the...

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February 28th

ATR Wines We only had two things on our agenda today: Do a load of laundry Visit Barb Cummings’ son-in-law’s winery and managed to accomblish both:) ART Wines was an amazing experience. We got to taste some of the best wines so...

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February 27th

The Grampians After consulting Barb’s son-in-law, Adam, we set our head out to Halls Gate with a stop at the 12 Apostles along the way. Most of the trip from Apollo Bay to the site of the 12 was inland, via little less windy...

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COVID-19 Isolation

I love to cook. I’m running out of things to do, so I decided to put up a new recipe every day which Pauline has graciously accepted to taste test. Enjoy!